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Minecraft Server Up

The Migration finished earlier this evening and sees the Minecraft server return to life.

Please let me know any issues that arise.

Main Minecraft Server

Good Evening all, before you all post Yes several of the Minecraft servers are currently down.

They are currently being moved to the upgraded hardware.

I'm waiting for the fine transfer to give me a stable ETA however it is looking like this will take until tomorrow morning.


Terraria has been reborn

Terraria has been reborn.

The information for the server is in the Terraria section of the forum.


Survival Games Returns

This Saturday at 6th of June 7:00pm BST (GMT+1) The Monthly survival games will be returning to SWGaming.

This month also sees the addition of a new map to the options, I can promises you no deathly cornucopia this time.......

May the odd be in your favour.