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A New Branch

So over the last week several of us have been playing Rift, mainly after watching Articwolf's stream.

In doing this we have decided to setup properly in the Rift universe including a guild.

More information will be forth coming once we have a few details fleshed out.

For those interested we are on the North America Region (just change the setting in the launcher if your EU) on the Faeblight shard, most of us currently are Guardian.

Contact myself or Kadena for an invite.

Problems in MC with Global Bans

Hi all, we have become aware of an issue within the MCBans plugin.

People have been exploiting a weakness within the MCBans system and have been applying global bans.

We have been in contact with MCBans staff regarding this and will be working closely with them till this problem is resolved.

If you find yourself banned with the following message "You have been permanently banned from mcbans servers!" Please post on the forums and we will have the ban removed (after checking that your not banned correctly).

We apologise for the problems and fear that these people have caused and we are working on resolving this issue permanently.


New Gameleader

I would like to congratulate Grangg in becoming the game leader for League of Legends.

We wish him and the LoL teams every success in the upcoming ranked session.

Scheduled Downtime 15/01/2014

Please be aware that the website will be down tomorrow (15/01/2014) for server maintenance. This downtime will happen between 8pm and 10pm GMT and will last 30 minutes.

This downtime is scheduled by our web provider in order to update several key systems.

We apologise for the downtime.