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Valentines day build comp results

Over the last month may of the Mine craft players have been building for the valentines day build competition.

Today sees the results posted.

Name Build Name Score
Kitteh666 Confused heart 23.5
Cleo6335 Mtstery Skills - Ghost - Lewis 23
Grangg Loveball 21
Makor Sex and the Ciry 20.5
Dragondude3434 My Finishing Block 20.5
Honeybew Honeys Love Café 20.5
TheSpadedheart Lovers suite 18.5
Warman726   17.5
Socks_Shoes97 Life and Death 16
Eurekas7 Love is like a box of chocolates 15.5
LunarHaze The Houl Hole 15
Tvtiger Walk in the Park 12

Thank you to every one that took part and congratulations to the winners.

Once the museum server is working again the world will be available to all that wish to see it.

Ask the Exec 3

So a little later than planned, mainly due to me getting addicted to guild wars 2.

The Ask the Exec Part 3 footage is uploaded to Youtube.

Watch it for the first time or relive the completely random evening.

The Link


Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas every one. We wish you all the best and hope that you all got everything you deserve.


Niamh and the SW Team

1.8 Spigot Server Released Tomorrow

well it took 2 months but we now have the 1.8 server software running on Spigot.

We intend to release the server tomorrow at 15:00 GMT assuming that no technical issues are encountered.

As normal we expect to see some lag for the first day or so whilst people explore.

See you all soon.