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What now?

So sometimes it worth just saying it, we done Goofed......

We are 10 months since we slowed down SW hoping for a new game and it hasn't happened.

So last week I posted a poll on the Discord and got the result I expected.

We are bringing back the MC Server

Yes you see it right we are bringing back MC. Totally new server built from the ground up on a MC server host which will help with some of the cost problems.

Time for the brutal truth here... Running SWGaming is expensive- not just in terms of time and effort, but in terms of money as well. The current setup we have will cost about £30 per month to run (That's the MC server, Domains and webhosting). this is much better than when it was hosted on the top of the washing machine (that was £75 per month). SW's finances are running low- we have enough money to run the server and website for about 6 months. We need your help to keep everything going.

To this end we are putting up a donation meter. This will help people see how much we need every month.

As it stands I'm not sure if the kits will come back but you will at the very least get your pretty colours (once I set it back up). My focus is in getting the server up and running and secure then we will fix the pretty things like Raid World and coloured tags.(edited)

As always the Exec will exist however at this time we are not reappointing the admin team (we may change that very quickly when things get going). This has nothing to do with the A Teams ability, the ATeam did a fantastic job but with an expected player count of 20 having 5-7 admins return is a bit over kill, The exec will handle that to start with but if we find that its a mental idea we will look at this again.

When will it be up I hear you cry? SooooooN(tm) - My aim is to have it running Saturday night or Sunday morning. I'm waiting on some passwords for some database rubbish but there's no much to do with it.

Finally you can blame PixiePirate for the name of the map. Snowfired wasn't much better.......


Minecraft Maps

As we said a long time ago, should we ever shutdown minecraft we would make the maps available to download.

Today I’ve made the maps that were live available to download through the Downloads link on the main menu.

The worlds are big so it will take time to download, this has had all player data removed to reduce its size.

Also note we tended to move the spawn point off the default world one, so you might have to walk around a bit to find your builds.

We have provided these maps so you can copy your build, If you wish to use the maps on a public server we expect that you will acknowledge that the map came from this community and acknowledge the huge amount of work people of SWGaming have put in to them.

The Other maps will become available once they have been compressed from the server.


Starbound is Reborn

Today sees the Starbound universe get a reset.

Enjoy the combat update from the start of the universe.

Nice and simple enjoy the universe.

New Year, New Server

So with the New Year we see another new server come to life.

We have opened a public Rust Server.

This Server has several changes to it to make is more fun. We increased the gather rate to 15x and the Smelt speed by 10x and we have turned on InstaCraft.

These are just a few of the changes that we have made there are many others, if you have Rust why not hop on and give it a try.