About Us

SW Gaming was created almost a year ago under the name Secret Weapons with the intention to go competitivecreeper inseveral games likeBattlefield Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty 4.During those days we had only a handful of members. As time went passed we caught wind of this game called Minecraft, with the sudden increase of attention for Minecraft SW joined the fun with their own private server. Shortly after, we decided to put up a real public server with only 10 to 15 people on maximum. To our surprise our Minecraft server actually got used. Due to our Minecraft server being used we got more involved in the game and became a small time game server host, where around 10 people were continuously on our server. Later on we expanded our server to a 30-man slot server and published ourselves on the Yogscast. We were an immediate hit with our anti-grief and consented PVP support as well as our events, the server grew before we knew it. We reached a point where we could not provide the level of admin presence we wanted on the server and started recruiting admins. It's from this moment forward that SW Gaming was born. A community that originated around a good server with a lot of anti-grief and fun for all. Also SW Gaming has still got an interest into competitive gaming we are looking forward to participating in ranked games in League of Legends. The biggest achievement of all is when the Yogscast decided to make us their first official recommended server for Minecraft.

SW Gaming decided to split up the leadership between all the founding members. This prevents one founder from taking control of the entire organization behind the community. New ideas are voted in between the seven founders, these ideas such as new plugins, map areas and themes are often provided by our every day increasing community. Our hopes for the future are to start branching out, reach things like YouTube and Livestream. provide content which we hope our community will like. One of our goals is to be able to hand out gifts to the community for participating in contests. SW gaming wishes to provide the best enjoyment to all the community members and other enthusiasts who might just stumble upon our website.

I think I speak for the entire SW gaming admin staff when I say, thank you for reading through this and learning more about us. We the admin staff wish you lots of fun and luck in events and hope not ever to need to see your name pop up as a griefer.