New map on 1.8

Hello SW Community,

As a reply on this post, the executive team hereby confirms there will be a new map with the 1.8 Minecraft update. Items will not be carried across. Event points will be carried across.

The estimated date of release will be on the date of update. [around the 1st of August]

Happy mining!

09/02/2014 Update


Good evening every one. So over the last 2 weeks we have had some "excitement" within the server. We have seen the use of MCBans against the players as well as a few powercuts. The last 2 weeks have really for me been quite a bit of work of the back end of the servers in order to make things more stable, secure and to bring our backup system up to date again.

So firstly the MCBans pain, as we posted publicly as this was happening we discovered how they had been doing this and worked with the MCBans staff to resolve the problem, this resulted in 10 servers being removed from the MCBans system permanently. We have also learnt a lot about how their systems work and how to get things resolved quickly. This problem has gone away for now but it may return as this isn't something new to the MCBans team but they do respond to this quickly to resolve it.

Over the last 2 weeks my power at home hasn't been fantastic as there have been 2 decent storms that disrupted the power. The server during a powercut fall back on to the UPS that they have, it will keep them running for 15 minutes, the only thing that goes down is the network connection. This is due to the power being removed from the cab at the corner of the street, there is noting that can be done about this but it happens very infrequently.

The backup system that we have been using for years now hasn't really been 100% safe, the backups were done directly on the server, this means that should 2 drives fail at the same time the server data would be lost (this is highly unlikely and I haven't seen this in the 7 years I've been working in IT with lots of servers but it could happen). So over the last few days I have updated the method that I used to back the servers up in order to backup to the server and my PC. So happy days.


New Plugins

There have been no new plugins for the server over the last 2 weeks, it has seen several updates to the server the main one bringing the protection for Item Frames back, so yea your item frames are safe from griefers again :)

Upcoming Events

Next Saturday is the regular DVZ game, if I get time this week we will be using a different map but its a maybe thing. This event will be happening at 7pm GMT and as normal we will have 2 or 3 games. As some of you know last month we changed the setting a little and it now is possible for the dwarves to win, all they need to do is survive for 40 minutes after the mobs are freed.


Finaly I would like to say welcome to the 5 new Moderators; 3wift, Captain Sea, LittleSunrae, Euphoria and PixiePirate. I'm sure that you all will wish them the very best in their roles within the Admin Team.


Good look over the next 2 weeks and may the dwarves reign supreme.






So yea apparently I forgot to do another post last week, I blame Christmas. Yes that's right its Santa's fault I forgot. But in all seriousness my bad.

I hope that you all had a good Christmas I know that I did and now to look forward to the new year and more success than ever before.

First off I would like to say that we are looking for 2 volunteers that are willing to put their names forward to look after Advertising for us, I know that some of you in the past have made the offer but I'd like to see who else wants a stab at it. Please understand that this will be based on your standing in the community and if you are not a regular or higher there is little chance of you being accepted as you will be representing the servers image. If you are interested please post here

Server Status

So this Month has seen the continued updating of Bukkit. Currently we are on a stable ish build of Bukkit but we are aware of a few problems the main two being, If the server crashes a small number of peoples player data is destroyed causing them to login as if they have never logged in before and the second is the server starts to lag as it reaches its 4 hour restart. We are continuing to watch Bukkit's and Spigot's pages and will apply any fix that comes up for these.

Dynmap has been a great success and will be here for the foreseeable future so don't worry about it vanishing any time soon. 

New Plugins

So over the Christmas break We have introduced 1 new plugin its called HorseTools. This plugin will help reduce the amount of greafing to horses and theft of horses from within the server. Do /HT ingame for the full list of commands. Whist not a perfect solution it is the best one we've been able to find. If you do want to kill every horse you see you will need to lock the horse to you first then kill it but we feel that this is a minor problem that may be dealt with as the plugin progresses.

Upcoming Events

As I'm sure most of you know I promised the return of the build of the Week competition. You can find all the information for this in the new forum section under Minecraft or click here


So that's the basic update for me for the last few weeks. Good look in all the events and in your gaming.




26/01/2014 Update


So its that time again. The last week has had its troubles with server stability and you are all entitled to know what has happened.

I have been running a stat recording plugin on the server with the view of it being released in the near future once it had some good stats and the website had been customised to our theme, this plugin decided that it would auto update last Monday. This started to cause the server some major problems that weren't picked up till Wednesday once the server started to experience problems.

The servers log file that normally get copied every restart wasn't being cleared down once it took the backup and had grown to 6.7gb this file is updated roughly every 10 seconds with chat, commands and errors as well as a few other things, the issue is that it adds the lines to the end of the log and then saves the whole file, something that once it reached about 4gb wasn't happening fast enough to give the server a rest between saves. This was the cause of the lag.

Along side this problem several of the automated systems that we run like the StripMine reset and other backup systems were still trying to run and failing causing the StripMine world to fail to regen correctly and for creative to stop working as well. This resulted in about 5 hours work to repair this damage as well as several restarts and updates to the server.

This plugin that started this whole string of events has been removed and is on hold till such a time that it is stable again.


New Plugins

The last 2 weeks has seen the addition of 2 new plugins, these plugins are tools for the event cords, safe command Blocks and iDisguise, these new tools for the event cords should see some interesting and complex events in the near future.

Upcoming Events

Next Saturday is the first of the month so we will be running Survival Games as normal, We will be testing a new map before the event so with any luck it will be new for most of you (before you ask no you cant know what it is). There are some very exciting plans coming out of the event cords currently that should see some crazy events and some additions to the PEW.

We have also decided that Build of the week is going to become build of the month, as we only had 1 person enter over the last 2 weeks. This should give you all a good length of time to build up.


Finally I would like to say that if you have any ideas on how to improve the server, ideas for events, recommendations for plugins then please feel to post them in the suggestions forum, contact the event cords or message me directly we are always open to ideas. It doesn't mean we will guaranty that we will act on them but we will think about it.


Good look over the next 2 weeks and my the odds be always in your favour.



08/12/13 Minecraft Update


So I've decided that it would be a good idea for us ever 2 weeks to post an update with what's happening in Minecraft and to give you all an idea as to where we are going with the server.


Server Status

As you are all aware last week Bukkit updated. This couldn't have come at a worse time for me, I was working late that week and didn't have time to give the server my full attention. Having said that the update has gone ahead and I believe that it was very successful, the total downtime was 17hours most of that due to the face that I wasn't able to fix some problems due to work.

Currently there are 5 maps running, Unnamed, Unnamed_nether, Unnamed_the_end, StripMine and StripMineNether. the Unnamed maps are permanent and will be with us for 6 months (plus the time to the next update after that) so there is loads of time to create all your wonderfully epic builds. StripMine and StripMineNether will start to reset next Saturday at 12:00 GMT (midday) and will reset every 2 weeks as before.

The next thing that I'm sure your going to say is where is The_End that reset every 6 hours, well once the dragon is killed once The_End will return as you all know and love, it will reset every 6 hours as before starting from midnight or midday after we know the dragon has died.


New Plugins

By now some people will have all ready found it, Dynmap is back this is back on a test basis, feel free to use it. If it is abused that it will be removed, also it may be removed due to performance issues. You can access it through the Minecraft section of the site.

Upcoming Events

So those of you that have been with us for a while might remember this but we are bringing back the build of the week competition.

What is this you say.... Well we will open a forum post and will invite any one that has build something to enter it for the competition, my self as well as a few others will then once per week go to each build that has been entered and score them, the winner will receive Event points or a prize based on our discretion. I can hear you all saying now, I cant build anything nice, well its not about it being big and huge, in the past even small build have won, redstone contraptions have won as well, we are looking at several different things and take everything in to consideration when scoring the builds, the only restriction is that these builds must be in the Main world (Admins and uses with access to GM will not be able to enter)

Also the 21st is the 3rd weekend in the month so it will be Dwarves Vs Zombies at 19:00 (GMT), we will normally play 2 or 3 games assuming that we have a good number of players.


Good luck to all of you in the coming 2 weeks with events and mining. Please remember to report and problems and welcome new users, it is only though the friendliness of the community that we will become larger and stronger.


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