Bukkit Update

So over the last few weeks the main question that people keep asking me is when is bukkit going to be updated, well currently that is an impossible question to answer. Let me give you a few bits of information about what goes on when bukkit updates (this is based on information that we have learnt over the years)

When Jeb and Co. release an update the bukkit team have to go through a quite extensive process in order to make sure things work and your lovely builds are safe and sound the simple breakdown of this process is;

decompile the server -> learn the new names (they change with every update) -> figure out how they apply to Bukkit's naming system -> learn what changed/what's new in the update -> update the changes we make to the server to support Bukkit -> get the code to compile -> fix issues that come up.

The problem is that the code is obscured by Mojang in order to stop people ripping of their software the down side is that it makes it very hard to know what is going on.

This update was a huge change for the number of lines of code changed, to the tune of 220k lines of code changed, now ever line has to be read and understood before it can be worked with and most require a bigger idea of what is going on, this is where the bugs come from.

The Bukkit team have released more information on this here if you are intrested in reading more.

This being said Bukkit have said that there will be and update but they haven't hinted at a date. Personaly I check the development builds ever night normaly once per hour and as soon as they release a build we will run it through out dev server and run our own tests on it in order to make sure it is stable-ish (this take approx. 2 hours).


TLDR: Bukkit working on the new release, it will be ready when its ready. For now enjoy this image