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Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas every one. We wish you all the best and hope that you all got everything you deserve.


Niamh and the SW Team

1.8 Spigot Server Released Tomorrow

well it took 2 months but we now have the 1.8 server software running on Spigot.

We intend to release the server tomorrow at 15:00 GMT assuming that no technical issues are encountered.

As normal we expect to see some lag for the first day or so whilst people explore.

See you all soon.

Minecraft 1.8

We have decided that we will be putting up a Temp Map on 1.8.

It is running now and is whitelisted.

Minecraft Changes

Good day.

As those of you that follow mojang's anouncements know, recently they made a post about changes to their EULA that required us to make changes to the way we handle donations.

The rules changed so that any one that plays on the server has to have the ability to gain all privileges that a donator gets.

To this end we are introducing the Reward Ranks. These ranks will follow the Donation system's scale.

Each event point has been assigned a value of 5 points to £1 in order to make the conversion simple (this is current numbers and may change at our discretion).

Reward 1 - 5 points - Don 1 equivalent
Reward 2 - 50 points - Don 2 equivalent
Reward 3 - 75 points - Don 3 equivalent
Reward 4 - 125 points - Don 4 equivalent
Reward 5 - 250 points - Don 5 equivalent

Once the system goes live we will be monitoring the uptake of this system if we determine that we have the numbers wrong we might refund everyone and start again or we may just update the numbers.

Further to this the Event Coords have been given strict instructions on the number of points that they can give out, the basic guideline is as follows;

No points to any event with less than 8 people
No more than 1 point per round to an event that last less that 15 minutes per round (on average)
No more than 3 points per event

We are encouraging the event cords to run more events to allow people to gain these points.

Now to answer a few questions that I'm sure will come up.

Q - What happens if I'm a Don and want to progress in rewards.
A - The 2 systems are separate a Don 4 will need to start at Reward 1 to get to reward 5

Q - Do the points stack like the don system.
A - Yes if you have Reward 1 and want Reward 2 you only need to get the remaining 45 points to get to the total 50 points for reward 2. likewise, reward 4 to reward 5 would cost you 175 points.

Q - I went through the wrong bay can I have my points back
A - No it is essential that you double check the bay before you use it, we will not guarantee refunding your points because of your mistake, admins may use their own discretion for this however its not expected and pestering them if they say no is unacceptable. The system that we are using does have some safeguards in place however we are using the command block system and its not perfect.

Q - Will I still have my points after stepping on the pad?
A - No you are actually spending the points the correct amount will be deducted from your total number of points.

(Space holder for more questions)

The route to access this system is across the road from the Event point shop and will by labelled clearly.

This system will only be accessible by people who are regular or above, this is part of our anti grieving measures, however we do not expect that any one that is on the server for a month to have this number of points.

Please feel free to ask any questions we will answer them as quickly as possible.

Also as always with these systems, we reserve the right to change, alter, completely change, reset or remove at our discretion and these ranks do not guarantee you access to the server, you can still be banned.

Any questions please post here