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Scheduled Downtime 15/01/2014

Please be aware that the website will be down tomorrow (15/01/2014) for server maintenance. This downtime will happen between 8pm and 10pm GMT and will last 30 minutes.

This downtime is scheduled by our web provider in order to update several key systems.

We apologise for the downtime.


SW US Meetup

So as some of you will be aware last year there was a poll to find out when and where to meet up in the US.

The decision was to meet in St Louis Mo on 24th of May.

Any one from SW past or present is welcome and as we finalize the plans please feel free to join us for the day, more information will be posted on the forums.

For those of you in Europe there is a possibility of a meet up later on in the year or possibly early next year if there is interest.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from all of the team at SW

We hope that Santa brought you everything that you wanted.

New Website

Hello everyone,

As you can all see we have a new website.

There are a few things that have been unavoidable.

Firstly you will all need to reset your passwords through the logon page, this is because we use MD5 encrypted passwords and we were unable to carry that information across.

Secondly if you had a forum signature you will need to redo it, the conversion method we have used striped out that information.

Thirdly the forum ranks will return.

To our knowledge there is currently nothing wrong with the transfer, if you find anything please post it on the forums or catch myself or Zapper on TeamSpeak.

I would now like to thank Zapper for his hard work over the last 3 weeks setting this up and the 9 hours that it has taken to make live.

Little Niamh