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Merry Christmas

On behalf of the whole Exec team, I just wanted to take a moment to wish every member of SW past and present a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.


Website changes

Good afternoon, There has been some major changes to the website in order to ensure security.

These security changes caused us to update the websites theme and will have causes some changes elsewhere.

If you encounter any problems please post on the forums and let us know whats wrong.


A new world has arrived

Today saw the release of Rebirth, on the Minecraft server.

This map is based of SWGamings first Map.

Hop on and take a look for yourself.

A new world approaches

Next Saturday (28th of November) at 6pm GMT a new world will be opened.

This is part of our constant process of renewing the worlds every 12 months.

The old world will stay alive until summer next year  (approx. 6 months) at which point another world will take its place.

This new world will allow you to move your belonging across and allow you a fresh start should you wish it.

The map is going back to the roots of what SW Spawns were in the past. Those of you that have been with us for the whole cycle of the maps will recognise it all be it with a twist, but that all the information you will get on that :)

Further to this the StripMine, StripMine Nether will be setup to refresh every 14 days as it should have been this time around (sorry my bad never got around to sorting it).

In addition starting on the 30th (mid day ish) the Christmas build competition will start. More information about that will be posted shortly once the prizes are cleared with the execs (as they will be real world prizes).

Finally I welcome you all to suggest plugins that you would like to see or functions you think would make the server better going forward.