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Registration of new accounts

Whilst the vote for the new Exec is going on we have decided to close new forum registrations.

This will stay in place until Monday.

The Exec's

Ark: Survival Evolved Server

Good Evening.

Today sees the lunch of a new server, some of the Regular members will have played on a private version of this server whilst we got to grips with hosting and dealing with a rapid developing server.

We are happy to announce that we have a Public Ark: Survival Evolved Server.

This is running as a full PvPvE server, the only rule that we plan to enforce is abuse against other members. So of you chose to play on this server be aware you will die and be ate by dinos but its all part of the fun.

There are some settings that have been changed;

  • The max level is 100 with enough engrams to learn everything.
  • The XP multiplier is set to 5 so you will earn XP at a fast rate to get started.
  • The Taming speed is reduced by 3x so you will catch Dinos faster without spending a full 8 hours capturing one.
  • The Harvesting multiplier is set to 5 so you get 5x the resources.

We feel that these changes will allow you to die lose all your stuff and have to move to a new spawn point without feeling too hurt by it.

As the server progresses these numbers will get tweaked as well as the XP required to progress.

The server is located at to add it through steam or you can direct connect by creating a shortcut to steam://connect/ Or it is in the server list as SWGaming Public

Good luck to you all.


Minecraft Server Up

The Migration finished earlier this evening and sees the Minecraft server return to life.

Please let me know any issues that arise.

Main Minecraft Server

Good Evening all, before you all post Yes several of the Minecraft servers are currently down.

They are currently being moved to the upgraded hardware.

I'm waiting for the fine transfer to give me a stable ETA however it is looking like this will take until tomorrow morning.